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What you can find on the dna lineage pages:

DNA Result pages come in three flavours:

  • Overall DNA Result pages, which contain result grids for all project participants, along with a modal value if applicable, often followed by an analysis of the project as a whole, and linked (in the header) to any further result analysis of an individual lineage as applicable
  • Individual Lineage Analysis pages
  • Lineage DNA Signature charts.

If a participant has agreed that their name be shown with their results, then the result will be linked to their personal page (if it exists).  On that page you will find data specific to their lineage (no dates are shown for the living).

How to view dna content screens:

Result Grids and DNA Signature Charts will probably be wider than your screen, necessitating scrolling to see all the results.
A better overview may be had by using your browser resizing options to make the screen content smaller, but usually still readable. (Firefox: View->Zoom controls, or keyboard Ctrl + -, Ctrl + + to resize)

Because of the layout constraints in the pages containing such grids and charts, the fuller menus for navigation may not be available.  You may find it convenient to use your browser's navigation options such as: the BACK button, History options, or the keyboard ALT + Left arrow .

Explanation of dna grids:

At the top of each DNA Result Grid you will find the marker names. 

Faster mutating markers are shown in red text. 

The yellow highlight in the header indicates that the results in that column differ, and in the grid itself, those individual markers differing from the modal value for the group may also be highlighted in yellow.

Check the grid titles (above) or captions (below) for any links to further information relevant to those results.

Explanation of dna signature charts:

DNA Signature Charts are abbreviated to only show particpants and progenitors (and sometimes Wanted! participants), and those node points in between where decisions need to be shown for the signatures derived for the line of ancestors of the participants.  Intervening generations may be collapsed and represented by (n) where n is the number of hidden generations.

These charts differ from conventional descendancy charts in that people, that must have existed, may be inserted to prove/disprove/illustrate how a line may have been.

If they have a person page associated with them, there will be active links to them where there may be more information available as to where/when/why they are shown as existing.

NB alphabetic values for markers may be used for space saving reasons.  To translate these values into the more usual numeric values for marker repeats, click on the Plus symbol  to show the result grid for the individual being viewed.

The method Second Site (the program I use to generate these web pages from my TMG database) uses to derive signatures is that of  Maximum Parsimony.

Further project information:

Some surname dna results will contain links to other sites.

All of the surnames in the DNA Surnames section of this web site are of interest to me.

Some are projects run by other DNA Project Administrators, some are projects I adminster.

Depending on my level of interest in the surname concerned, these pages may only contain a subset of the total surname dna results, e.g., ROWE is a project I adminster, but I'm really only interested in those with Devonshire links; HENDERSON, RICHARDSON and DAVIDSON are all adminstered by others, so only those results of immediate interest to myself are included here.

All projects may therefore contain links to related sites, many on the World Families Network, where further information may be obtained, including useful information about testing, and general FAQs.

For each project there is a link to a "Surname" DNA Overview page on the Projects and Haplogroups portion of the site where you will find information as to where the dna project is, along with mailing lists/message boards, web pages etc.

Privacy Policy:

The genealogical convention of not showing anything about living people is relaxed slightly on these pages, given the nature of the subject matter, being, as it is, rather vitally concerned with both the living and their ancestors.

No dates for the living are shown, but  if  the people concerned have agreed, names are shown on both DNA result grids and charts.

If a participant has agreed that their name be shown with their results, then the result will be linked to their personal page (if it exists).  On that page you will find data specific to their lineage.

Complete anonymity is possible for those wishing to participate but remain anonymous, although to date, few people have chosen this.