Robert I Bain (B-1)

FatherAlexander John Bain (Dec 1938 - Oct 1986)
MotherIrene Margaret Kay (Sep 1947 - Nov 2000)
ResearcherRobert is researching the line of John Bain **.
Email: Robert
Lineage(Testee)Robert was found to be part of R-M269 (R1b1a2).. 
Link2HaploGrpInfo(Group)Click here to see those sharing Robert I's haplogroup M269 (R1b1a2) predicted. 
WebSummaryAlthough we haven't had much success in finding Y-DNA matches to further explore the BAIN ancestry, FamilyFinder has found Robert a 3rd cousin he was unaware of on his maternal line.

John & Catherine (GRAY) BAIN

Last Edited18 Oct 2013