James Fairbairn **

(say 1795 - bet. 1827 - 1837)
FatherMale Fairbairn (say 1770 - )
WebIntroDNA results (Nov 2009) show a descendant of James to be most closely related to descendants of James & Helen (GOODFELLOW) Fairbairn, with Family Tree DNA showing a 70% probability of a shared ancestor within 6 generations (85% within 8, 93% within 10).
Given James has to have been born between say 1780 and 1800, he's a contemporary of James (marr. Helen Goodfellow), which pushes the relationship back at least 2 generations, which is where the theoretical dna signature currently shows the connection to be.
BirthJames Fairbairn ** was born say 1795 ?Eccles, Roxburghshire, Scotland
MarriageHe married Isabella Campbell, daughter of John Campbell and Elizabeth Hogg, say 1821 ?ROX or ?BEW, Scotland
DeathJames Fairbairn ** died bet. 1827 - 1837 ?Kelso, Roxburghshire, Scotland
WebLinkClick here to see further information on James and his/her family in the One Name Study. 
Researcher(Progenitor)James's line is being researched by James Fairbairn
Last Edited22 Nov 2011


Isabella Campbell (cir. 1806 - Nov 1885)
  • James Fairbairn (Oct 1822 - Apr 1864)