John Fairbairn **

(1563 - )
WebIntroOne version of the pedigree of John Fairbairn has been traced to a file held in the Society of Scottish Genealogy Society's (SGS) Family Tree Collection and listed in their Family History Index.
This version of the Fairbairn tree was deposited with the Society in 1976 by Ethel Fairbairn of California, a descendant of John Fairbairn and Elizabeth Yule.
It is oft quoted and contains several connections now known to be errors of fact, together with a number of leads for further investigation.
Representatives for any of the lines shown would be most welcome to join the Faribairn Surname DNA project to add modern technology to the historical document and aid in building an accurate overall Fairbairn pedigree.
For comparison see the following trees in particular:

Unfortunately, the early "stone in Ednam" references cannot now be verified, and they do not appear in the current BFHS publication of Ednam headstones.
The stones for the Ednam blacksmith line are however in the booklet.
Perhaps the earlier Ednam stones would also belong to the Ednam blacksmith line rather than the Nenthorn/Smailholm farmers' line?
BirthJohn Fairbairn ** was born 1563. 
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  • John Fairbairn (stone in Ednam) (1585 - 1645)