David M Finlayson (F-2)

FatherDavid Finlayson (Nov 1863 - Jan 1937)
MotherElizabeth Coghill (Jul 1877 - Jan 1956)
MarriageDavid Finlayson (F-2) married Angela Finlayson, daughter of Donald Finlayson and Dorothy Ryder, London, England
Link2HaploGrpInfo(Group)Click here to see those sharing David's haplogroup M269 - R1b1a2 - suggested. 
ResearcherDavid is researching the line of Donald Findleson **.
Email: the Finlayson DNA project admin (email current as at Jan 2009.) 
ChartsFinlayson Lineage 1a (#1)
Finlayson Lineage 1a (#2)
Last Edited13 Oct 2013


Angela Finlayson (Jun 1919 - Nov 2005)