William A Henderson (H-1)

FatherWilliam Earl Henderson (Oct 1907 - Dec 1968)
MotherEthel White (Jun 1914 - Oct 1999)
Note(DNAMatch)DNA results show a match (65/67) between William A Henderson (H-1) and Russell Henderson (H-2).
Based on the probabilities given at FamilyTreeDNA for their initial 36/37 match, there is apparently only a 50% chance that their Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) is no more than 4 generations, 90% no more than 8, and 95% 10. Aren't statistics wonderful! They share a great grandfather so we're beating the odds here.
But what we really want, is a match to another HENDERSON line (or a close match to anyone!) so we can break down the brick wall that stops our research at their 3* great grandfather Archibald
Link2HaploGrpInfo(Group)Click here to see those sharing William A's haplogroup R1b-S7361 (Chromo 2 and now, Sep 2016 showing on the FTDNA tree) being further definition from prior tests: CTS11722/L1065 (R1b1a2a1a2c1k1) confirmed Geno 2.0;
Aug 2015: BigY results are now in.
Keep an eye on both Y tree Scots Cluster and YFull for devlopments as to Bill's position on the R1b haplotree of mankind (ID YF04585), and any matches that may eventuate over time to provide hints as to our Henderson forebears.
Sep 2016 saw YFull add a new SNP under R-S7361, which Bill doesn't have, so he is now R-S7361* (ie generic awaiting further people to test)
FTDNA updated his R-S691 to R-BY11755, which shows on their current tree at the same position as R-S7361. 

HENDERSON Lineage 1 DNA "Signature" Chart

Relationship: William (H-1) and Russell (H-2) HENDERSON
Last Edited24 Sep 2016