Thomas Fairbairn M.D.

(Mar 1811 - aft. 1851)
FatherThomas Fairbairn (Jul 1770 - Mar 1834)
MotherMargaret Clarkson (Aug 1770 - Feb 1844)
Recruit(Wanted)The project would like to recruit a representative of this line.
Reby Dodds Who's Which (1970) incorrectly shows a Thomas M.D., married to a Helen Kinniburg, as brother of the William married to Jean Wanless, both as children of a William married to Elsie Elliot, this William a schoolmaster, uncle of Sir William.
However, the Dr Thomas, married to Helen, was born 1811 in Edinburgh to Thomas and Margaret (Clarkson) Fairbairn, and his brother William was younger than he, born 1814, and married Agnes Hamilton Dodds, not Jean Wanless. (See also Hit or Myth?)
Regardless of the accuracy or otherwise of the historically published information, a descendant of the Thomas and Margaret (Clarkson) Faribairn line would be most welcome in the dna project.
BirthThomas Fairbairn M.D. was born 25 Mar 1811 Canongate, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
ChristeningHe was christened 15 Apr 1811 Canongate, Edinburgh, Midlothian
MarriageHe married Helen Kinniburgh 2 Jul 1835 Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
DeathThomas Fairbairn M.D. died aft. 1851 ?Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
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Helen Kinniburgh (Sep 1810 - aft. 1851)
  • Thomas Fairbairn (Aug 1838 - )
  • Robert Fairbairn (Jan 1840 - cir. 1857)
  • George Fairbairn (Jul 1845 - aft. 1891)