John Fairbairn *

(cir. 1799 - 1847)
Assumed fatherWilliam? Fairbairn (say 1760 - ); (as per Reby Dodd's Who's Which, and family evidence that William and John/David were brothers)
Assumed motherElsie (Aylsie) Elliot (say 1760 - )
Recruit(AnotherWanted)The project would like to recruit another representative of this line.
A participant or two would be particularly useful to help sort out the cousinships claimed (see Lorna's FAIRBAIRN page)
Settled around Hawkesbury, Prescott, Ontario.
Although in the project we already have an assumed descendant of John/David via son John, who does indeed match Roy (F-3), a descendant of his brother William, it would be good if a proven descendant of John/David and Jane's, eg from David and Charity (Walker) joined to ensure we have a good dna signature for their line, particularly as re-evaluation of existing information in light of a new titbit, shows that David may be John, or John may be David, both shown, separately, as having a mill at Farrelton, and both married to a Jane Williamson.
BirthJohn Fairbairn * was born cir. 1799 Scotland
MarriageHe married Jane Williamson cir. 1820 ?QUE, Canada
DeathJohn Fairbairn * died 1847 Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada
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Name Variation John Fairbairn * was also known as David Fairbairn Some records show this chap as John, some as David. 
Researcher(Progenitor)John's line is being researched by Ross Hotchkiss
Researcher(Progenitor)John's line is being researched by Gordon Suddaby
ChartsLineage 1e DNA "Signature" John & Bessie (fflint) FAIRBAIRN
Fairbairn/Flint lines represented by autosomal DNA tests
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Jane Williamson (1794 - Dec 1876)
  • Archibald Fairbairn (cir. 1821 - aft. 1881)
  • David Fairbairn (Mar 1822 - Aug 1894)
  • William George Fairbairn (cir. 1824 - aft. 1881)
  • Robert Fairbairn (cir. 1827 - aft. 1842)
  • James Fairbairn (cir. 1831 - 1905)
  • John Fairbairn (cir. 1833 - aft. 1851)
  • John A Fairbairn **+ (Apr 1833 - Mar 1909); Dna results rcvd Mar 2009 for William (F-12), a documented descendant of John, show an excellent match to Roy (F-3) a documented descendant of David's brother William.
    This led to a theory that despite what John's 1st marriage, and death certificate stated (that his father was John or Jonathan), that the John A who married Sarah Ann Daughterty, then Charity Smithson is the son of David and Jane (Williamson) Fairbairn.
    A new titbit (Dec 2009) however restores my faith in certificates somewhat as it indicates that David may well have been known as John, as both a David and a John are reported as millers at Farrelton, and both married to Jane Williamson