John Fairbairn **

(Apr 1778 - May 1854)
FatherWilliam Fairbairn (Apr 1756 - Mar 1810)
MotherMargaret Scott (say 1757 - )
Recruit(AnotherWanted)The project would like to recruit another representative of this line.
William was schoolmaster at Bowden, then Galashiels, and is assumed to be the person referred to in Sir William's biography as the uncle who taught him book-keeping and land-surveying (see below for further info).
Not many of this family have been traced to present day as yet, but one grandson lived in Rio de Janeiro and had 8 children (as at 1890 when he died in Edinburgh on a visit home), so there may yet be candidates to definitively represent William's line in the project.
Many available pedigrees claim relationships to these lines, however, preliminary results received Jan 2010 for a line highly likely to be that of his son John born Bowden 1778, indicated a rethink may be in order. Initially it was thought that a Non Paternal Event (NPE) might be the reason results didn't match the rest of the Borders FAIRBAIRNs in haplogroup I1, but as at Oct 2011 a FAIRBAIRN match has now been received in haplogroup R1b1, although not a pedigree with any known connection to John and Helen (ANDERSON) FAIRBAIRN.
WebIntroInitially, research indicated that this John was highly likely to be the son of William FAIRBAIRN (married to Margaret SCOTT) schoolmaster of Bowden, then Galashiels.
It was expected that this lineage would therefore most likely match "clump 2" of lineage 1, in haplogroup I1.
DNA results now show there is no match as the representative of this line belongs to haplogroup R1b12.
Back to the drawing board, either to find a different set of parents for John, or to find a confirmed representative for schoolmaster William's line to compare with, John having inconveniently died in the year preceding civil registration.
Given John's 1851 census entry shows him to be 72, born Bowden, and the naming pattern fits, he really does look like the John son of William & Margaret, shown in the Bowden registers as born 10 Apr 1778, so more investigations, and participants needed to tease out this piece of the jigsaw.
BirthJohn Fairbairn ** was born 10 Apr 1778 Bowden, Roxburghshire, Scotland
ChristeningHe was christened 13 May 1778 Bowden, Roxburghshire
MarriageHe married Sarah Morris 20 Feb 1809 St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, entry reads: John Fairbairn Bookseller Buccleugh Street and Sarah Morris daughter of the late James Morris gave up their names for proclamation of banns matrimonial. 
DeathJohn Fairbairn ** died 26 May 1854 25 Warriston Cres, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, at age 76. 
ChartsLineage 2b1 - dna signature chart
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Sarah Morris (cir. 1790 - aft. 1851)
  • John Fairbairn (cir. Mar 1815 - 1894)
  • James Fairbairn (Mar 1817 - aft. 1891)
  • Alexander Fairbairn (Mar 1825 - aft. 1871)