Isaac Dawe **

(cir. 1770 - Dec 1840)
Assumed fatherJohn Daw (say 1720 - ); No better candidate has yet been found, but no evidence, other than proximity, exists either
Assumed motherSarah Moore (say 1720 - )
BirthIsaac Dawe ** was born cir. 1770 Devon, England
MarriageHe married Sarah Smith 12 Jun 1796 Tavistock, Devon, England
DeathIsaac Dawe ** died 24 Dec 1840 Plymouth, Devon, England
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Researcher(Progenitor)Isaac's line is being researched by Lorna Henderson. Coordinator of the DAW(E) Surname DNA Project. 
DNAat(MRCA)Isaac Dawe ** is/are the most recent common ancestor/s of a number of atDNA test participants. AtDNA testing has found identifiable matching segments shared by descendants of children Isaac Smith, William Smith, Thomas, and Joan DAWE.
It would be good to find a match with a descendant of Isaac's suggested parents John DAW & Sarah MOORE, and to confirm that the match that resulted in the finding of a previously unknown son John for the family, is actually the John, ancestor of the match that resulted in these two blogposts: Spot the flaw and The cliffhanger

Lineage 2 DNA "Signature" Isaac & Sarah (SMITH) DAWE

DAWE Lineage 2a: Isaac and Sarah (SMITH) DAWE
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Sarah Smith (cir. 1773 - )
  • Isaac Smith Dawe (cir. Mar 1797 - May 1851)
  • Nathaniel Smith Dawe (May 1802 - bef. Dec 1866)
  • William Smith Dawe (Dec 1810 - May 1877)
  • Thomas Dawe (Dec 1814 - Apr 1871)
  • Richard Dawe (Nov 1819 - bef. Jul 1873)