James Richardson **

(cir. Apr 1775 - Jan 1841)
Parent HaplogroupR-ZZ7_1
BirthJames Richardson ** was born cir. Apr 1775 ?Roxburghshire, Scotland
MarriageHe married Christian Outerson 29 Apr 1820 Eckford, Roxburghshire, Scotland, two films, slightly different formatting, of this marriage, both show: 'James Richardson in the parish of Morebattle Christian Outterson in the parish of Eckford gave up their names for proclamation in order to Marriage Given to the poor 1/-', ie no indication whether or not James was a widower. 
DeathJames Richardson ** died 27 Jan 1841 Williamstown, Seigniory of Beauharnois, Quebec, Canada
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The theory on the table was to see if this James married to Christian OUTERSON in Eckford, 1820, was also the James, widower of Margaret MABON?

If this theory was true, a descendant of James & Margaret (MABON) R. should be an excellent match to John (RC-2), descendant of James' son Adam, and also a match, but more distant, to Ralph, a descendant of William of Pringlestead (John and Ralph being distant matches at 37 markers).

Results now in, Jan 2013, show that yes there is a relationship, but it looks unlikely that John (RC-2) and RC-3 share the same James.

Any RICHARDSON descendants of any of the unrepresented lines of the RICHARDSON trees shown on the RICHARDSON page, or any from different branches of already represented lines, please do consider joining the Richardson dna project to help us validate the existing signatures for the lines, and explore the relastionships further (a subsidy may be possible).
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ChartsDNA "Signature" Richardson R1b Subgroup 05
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Christian Outerson (cir. 1796 - Dec 1888)
  • Andrew Richardson (Jun 1822 - Mar 1905)
  • Robert C Richardson (Mar 1826 - Jun 1909)
  • Adam Brown Richardson+ (Feb 1835 - Sep 1929)