William? Fairbairn

(say 1760 - )
Assumed fatherRobert Fairbairn (Jan 1729 - aft. 1771)
Assumed motherAgnes Landreth (say 1730 - )
BirthWilliam? Fairbairn was born say 1760 Roxburghshire, Scotland
MarriageHe married Elsie (Aylsie) Elliot say 1788. 
Note(Parent Assumed)Robert Fairbairn is the assumed parent of William? Fairbairn
There is an exact 67/67 dna match between Earl (F-2) and Roy (F-3).
FamilyTree DNA advise that for a 67/67 match: "Your relatedness is extremely close with the common ancestor predicted, 50% of the time, in 3 generations or less and with a 90% probability within 5 generations. Very few people achieve this close level of a match. All confidence levels are well within the time frame that surnames were adopted in Western Europe." In addition, the chart Probability for the most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) shows that there's a 90% probability that the link at 67/67 would be with 4 generations, and 95% within 6.

Earl is the 6th generation from Robert & Agnes, and if William m. Aylsie Elliot exists as a brother of Archibald and son of Robert & Agnes, Roy is the 7th generation, so the probabilities, and I stress probabilities, are in favour of this being the link. Their respective proven paper trails ended at Archibald and Mary (Grierson) F. and William & Jean (Wanless) F.
Research added Robert & Agnes (Landreth) F. as parents of Archibald, and Reby Dodds says William's parents are
William and Elsie (Elliot of Minto) F.
Without the family story, I originally speculated, from naming pattern of their children (and dates) only, that William (married Jean W.) was the son of an Archibald & Alison/Aylsie/Alice, namely the Archibald who married Alison Crosser.
Two items now go against this:
* It is believed that this William is the brother of the John or David who married Jane Williamson (also lived in Quebec).
* Archibald and Alison's son David is indeed of an age, but has recently (Jul 2008) been found to have emigrated to Ontario, and thence to Wisconsin and married a Jane Herd.
So if they are brothers, William cannot belong to this Archibald.
Although the known daughter Mary is believed to be younger than Aylsie (ie not following the Scottish naming pattern), my next candidate for William's parents would have been Archibald and Mary (Grierson) F.
The flaw to this theory is that even if William's birth date is several years out, there just isn't any room in between the known children of Archibald and Mary for a William to fit in there.
So any relationship has to be more distant. For now, I'm assuming that there was indeed a couple William and Elise/Aylsie (Elliot of Minto) F., and that this William may have been a brother of the Archibald who married Mary Grierson. 
Note(Parent Assumed)William? Fairbairn is the assumed parent of William Fairbairn *
Reby Dodd's Whos Which assigns a as parents of both the William who married Jean Wanless, and the John or David who married Jane Williamson.
The identification of William and John aka David as brothers has been reinforced by family information, although hard evidence as to their parents seems to be lacking.

NB The brother Thomas also assigned by Reby to the family is not the one shown in her book as married to Helen Kinniburg, and also appears (from dna evidence) not to be the one married to Elspeth Redpath, although this latter Thomas is related somehow. 
ChartsLineage 1e DNA "Signature" John & Bessie (fflint) FAIRBAIRN
Lineage 1 DNA Theoretical Overall Signature
Fairbairn/Flint lines represented by autosomal DNA tests
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Elsie (Aylsie) Elliot (say 1760 - )
  • William Fairbairn *+ (1790 - Feb 1872); Reby DODD's "Who's Which" shows a William and Elise (ELLIOT) FAIRBAIRN as parents of children William, David and Thomas
  • John Fairbairn *+ (cir. 1799 - 1847); (as per Reby Dodd's Who's Which, and family evidence that William and John/David were brothers)