Runciman Lineage 1d

FatherRunciman Lineage 1
WebIntro(Lineage)The "children" listed below are the Runciman surname lineages defined to date.
The common ancestor of this Runciman line is assumed to be Alexander, married to Janet Hendrie and living at Meikle Pinkerton, East Lothian.
However it should be noted that the assumed children of Thomas and Jane (SIMPSON) RUNCIMAN do not all genetically match Peter (R-12), and even though the new (2014) results do show Jere (R-18) as a match, it is a little puzzling that he is a closer match to Lineage 1a, given the differences are on slower mutation markers. 
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Lineage(MemberLineage)DNA results show that Peter belongs to Runciman Lineage 1d
Lineage(MemberLineage)DNA results show that Jere belongs to Runciman Lineage 1d. 
Last Edited19 Aug 2014