Runciman Lineage 3a

FatherRunciman Lineage 3
WebIntro(Lineage)The "children" listed below are the Runciman surname lineages defined to date.
The progenitor of this lineage being William married to Janet PAXTON, and believed to belong to Thomas and Jane (SIMPSON) RUNCIMAN.
However the paper trails/conclusions for Thomas and Jane could do with some revision as the participants to date don't match each other, and with one exception, nor do they match the other lineages.
More participants required to sort out the current conundrum. 
WebLink(ONSChart)Click here to see the One Name Study descendancy chart for this lineage. 
Lineage(MemberLineage)DNA results show that R-13 belongs to Runciman Lineage 3a
Last Edited4 Mar 2012