Male Sinton ??

(say 1605 - )
BirthMale Sinton ?? was born say 1605 Scotland
Y-DNA DetailOf the 7 markers that differ between some of the participants, note that 5 of them are faster mutation markers (red text), to which less weight should be applied when calculating Genetic Distance (GD). 
Note(Parent Assumed)Male Sinton ?? is the assumed parent of Benjamin Sinton **
This chap exists purely to provide a theoretical linkage between the Irish and the Scottish, dna matching, Sinton trees.
The generations down to the Southdean Sintons have been added at 30 years per generation, the number of generations being determined by the TMRCA between and being calculated as 12 at 73% probability (except I only added 11 given the faster mutating markers). 
ChartsLineage 1 Theoretical DNA "Signature" Southdean & Irish SINTONs
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