John Fairbairn **

(say 1705 - )
FatherDYS391=9 Fairbairn (say 1680 - )
BirthJohn Fairbairn ** was born say 1705 ?Melrose, Roxburghshire, Scotland
MarriageHe married Bessie fflint say 1725 ?Melrose, Roxburghshire
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The attached picture is a chromosome map showing segments of dna that can be attributed to descendants of John & Bessie.
The key shows the Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) identified between the people who match at each segment.
For some segments, eg particularly for the more closely related matches, the shared segments may not be Fairbairn side of their ancestry but may be inherited from the other of the ancestral pair.

If you are a descendant, you too can add to this picture - take an autosomal dna test such as FamilyTree DNA's FamilyFinder.
If tested with other companies contact me (link in footer) so that we can arrange to compare your data with our current test participants.

Further information available on the Fairbairn Family Finder results page - scroll down and click on the chart link.
Researcher(Progenitor)John's line is being researched by Lorna Henderson. Coordinator of the FAIRBAIRN Surname DNA Project. 
ChartsLineage 1e DNA "Signature" John & Bessie (fflint) FAIRBAIRN
Lineage 1 DNA Theoretical Overall Signature
Fairbairn/Flint lines represented by autosomal DNA tests
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Bessie fflint (say 1705 - )
  • Robert Fairbairn+ (Jan 1729 - aft. 1771)
  • George Fairbairn (Mar 1731 - )
  • Archibald?CDYa=36? Fairbairn+ (say 1735 - ); Although DNA testing has shown descendants of & Alison (Crosser) Fairbairn are related to descendants of & Mary (Grierson) Fairbairn, it is not exactly clear how. I have assumed (for now) that the two contemporary Archibalds are cousins, so have inserted an "Archibald?" into the lineage of John and Bessie (Flint) Fairbairn
  • Thomas Fairbairn (Sep 1741 - )