Patrick Fairbairn

(say 1750 - )
BirthPatrick Fairbairn was born say 1750 ?Greenlaw, Berwickshire, Scotland
MarriageHe married Margaret Purves say 1770 ?Greenlaw, Berwickshire
Note(ParentAlternate)Patrick Fairbairn is an alternate father for John Fairbairn *
An uncorroborated extract from Burke's Colonial Gentry, (1970) shows John's parents as Patrick and Margaret (Purves) Fairbairn, which I strongly suspect is a mixture of Jessie's parents and John's, given Jessie's death cert. shows hers as a Patrick and Margaret (Johnston) Johnston, and his look more likely to be James and Elizabeth (Purves) Fairbairn, particularly given the cousinships stated in the Rev John's 1895 obituary. 
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Margaret Purves (say 1750 - )