James Richardson **

(say 1770 - aft. 1812)
Parent HaplogroupR-BY17700
BirthJames Richardson ** was born say 1770 ?Morebattle, Roxburghshire, Scotland
MarriageHe married Margaret Mabon say 1795 ?Morebattle, Roxburghshire
DeathJames Richardson ** died aft. 1812. 
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John (RC-2), Ralph (RC-1)'s DNA match, uncovered a mention that he initially interpreted as his Adam (born 1835 NY)'s father was James Richardson of Hamilton Bermuda, assumed to be the 1879 obit which mentions two tailor brothers, and by implication, a third brother, John, in North Georgetown (QUE), and a sister Mrs Sameul Moffatt of Beech Ridge (QUE).
Also found was a death notice of a Thomas Richardson who died in Oneida, NY, in 1880, and who is identified as the brother of the late James Richardson of Hamilton, Bermuda.
This is the family of James RICHARDSON & Margaret MABON, who had children baptized at the Morebattle Gateshaw sessions: William (1796), John (1797), Elizabeth (1800), James (1802), Thomas (1805), George (1807), Henry (1810), and Margaret (1812).

Further investigation however showed the importance of an 's', as James in Bermuda was the grandfather of Mrs, instead of Mr, W M RICHARDSON. William Meade R. being a relative of John's, and a photographer in Bermuda with two of his brothers in the 1880s before returning to Wisconsin.

Although this relegated John's family's connection to one by marriage, the Morebattle connection of James and Margaret's family is still of interest, as subsequent investigations explored another Morebattle family of RICHARDSONs, that of James and Christian (OUTERSON) RICHARDSON.
They also emigrated, to Quebec, where at the above James' son John was, and where James and Christian's youngest son, Adam, John's ancestor's baptism has finally been found.
This just might be James' second marriage, particularly as the occupation of the James married to Christian is given as tailor on Adam's baptism, as are several of the sons of this James, married to Margaret MABON.

Jan 2013 update:
We now have another dna match. Bob, a descendant of James & Margaret (MABON) RICHARDSONs son John, is a dna match to both John and Ralph, so the three trees are indeed linked, somehow - those of William of Pringlestead, Eckford, and of James & Christian (OUTERSON) RICHARDSON, and that of James & Margaret (MABON) RICHARDSON, with the jury still out as to whether or not the last two are headed by the same James.
Any other direct male line RICHARDSON descendants of any of these trees would still be appreciated to help pinpoint this further.
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We would love to hear from you, or any direct male line descendants of any of the other Morebattle trees listed.
ChartsDNA "Signature" Richardson R1b Subgroup 05
James & Margaret (MABON) RICHARDSON
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Margaret Mabon (say Jan 1771 - 1812)
  • William Richardson (Feb 1796 - )
  • John Richardson (Jul 1797 - cir. 1867)
  • James Richardson (Dec 1802 - Aug 1879)
  • Thomas Richardson (Oct 1805 - May 1880)
  • George Richardson (Sep 1807 - Nov 1884)
  • Henry Richardson (Jan 1810 - )