Thomas Fairbairn

(cir. May 1743 - )
Assumed fatherJames Fairbairn (say 1700 - ); Certainly James and Elspeth's marriage is of the right timeframe, and would account for Trotter's unusual forename, and in addition, the cautioner for the marriage of Thomas and Isobel (Smith) was a James Fairbairn (who could be either father or brother)
Assumed motherElspeth Trotter (say 1705 - )
Possible fatherThomas Fairbairn (Jun 1722 - ); Thomas Snr' parents are , with Thomas born Colmslie, Melrose, John and Jean marrying in Stitchill & Hume, and John described then as "of Earlestoun". Cautioner for the marriage was a James Fairbairn
BirthThomas Fairbairn was born cir. May 1743 Stitchel, Roxburghshire, Scotland
BaptismHe was baptized 29 May 1743 Stitchel, Roxburghshire
MarriageHe married Isobel Smith 31 May 1771 Kelso, Roxburghshire, Scotland, the cautioner for Thomas at his marriage to Isobel was a Jas Fairbairn, possibly his father? Thomas was "of Makerston", Isobel "of this parish", but as the marriage was at Kelso, and this was in the Stichill & Hume OPR, I'm not sure which parish is being referred too, but most likely Stichill. 
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Isobel Smith (say 1745 - )
  • Trotter Fairbairn **+ (cir. 1772 - Aug 1856); It is possible, and I stress possible, that Trotter's father is the 1743 Thomas baptised as son of James Fairbairn and Elspeth Trotter in Stitchel, and that this Thomas may or may not be the Thomas of Makerston, marrying Isobel Smith at Kelso in the Stitchel OPRs in 1771 (however on naming pattern alone, I would expect Trotter's parents to be a Thomas and Barbara, which latter is not a common name).