Peter Runciman (R-12)

FatherJohn W Runciman (1901 - 1985)
MotherEvelyn Scott (1901 - 1985)
WebLinkClick here to see further information on Peter and his/her family in the One Name Study. 
Lineage(Testee)Peter was found to be part of Runciman Lineage 1d, with the links back as far as John (marr. May Weatherly) being proven, and the link to his father Thomas looking highly likely.
Now we have at least on matching dna signature from another line from Thomas and Jane, this papertrail is looking a little more certain.
Further back the line is believed to descend from Alexander and Janet (Hendrie) Runciman of Meikle Pinkerton, click here for chart. 
Link2HaploGrpInfo(Group)Click here to see those sharing Peter's haplogroup with BigY testing, Peter's current "terminal" SNP is the newly created I-A11393 (yFull) or I-A11400 (FTDNA) - shown as equivalents on the both company's trees. 
DNAClick here to see the dna results for Peter and the other RUNCIMANs. 
ChartsLineage 1d "Signature" Alexander & Janet (HENDRIE) RUNCIMAN of Crail
Lineage 1 Possible RUNCIMAN "Signature"
Last Edited4 Jun 2017