John Fairbairn !

(1503 - )
WebIntroThe information presented here comes from an undated, unsourced document which was found in the Wellington County, Ontario Fairbairn files and should be read in conjunction with the notes against a similar pedigree documented on the project summary pages and others.
All people included in these pages from this, and some other, pedigrees have a "!" after their name to indicate caution should be applied before using the information shown.
This earliest John is referred to as being born 1503, and having "saved King James' life on the battlefield, for which he received a fief of land". As the dates provided above this for King James sixth and first was that he was born 1564, crowned 1603 and died 1640, with the implication that he was the king so saved, John must have been getting on rather in years to have been on a battlefield, however, given his son's age, and the other pedigree for what looks like the same John says 1563 I'd assume a typo.
The intro also describes an English invasion at Yetholm in 1545 by Lords Evan and Lotour, burning the tower of Broom House with the Lady and all her family. Three Broom estates: Broom house, Broomholm house and Broom Hall are mentioned, along with a note that the Fairbairns had an interest in some Broom Estate which "went into chancery".
Don't know about the poor Lady of Broom House, but here is a contemporary record of the Earl of Hertford's ravages of the Scottish Borders in 1545 that may be of general interest.
BirthJohn Fairbairn ! was born 1503. 
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  • John Fairbairn ! (1585 - 1645)