James Fairbairn !

(1796 - 1863)
FatherJohn Fairbairn ! (1755 - 1830)
MotherElizabeth Yule ! (say 1755 - )
WebIntroThe Wellington County, Ontario archive file info says: "James was born in Kelso. He came to Canada but returned to Scotland later "
Research shows that there is a 1777 Shannabank, Abbey St Bathans baptism of a James to John (cf the 1796 given).
Family sources say he wrote a letter to his father from Haddington in 1828, signed Jay, and have him dying in Haddington in 1842, married to Jane McIntosh.
James son of John and Elizabeth is believed to the brother in Haddington referred to in the biography of Robert son of John and Elizabeth, written by Robert's son John of Darlington.
"went at an early age to learn the dry goods business with a brother in Haddington."
Nearest match by date with Canadian connections may be the James married to Helen Goodfellow (represented in the project by F-6 and F-13), who was indeed baptised at Kelso (1789), but he died at Edwardsburgh, Ontario (1873)
There is a James who married a Janet Hunter at Smailholm in 1814. He is assumed to have died prior to 1841. Family are associated with Smailholm, Lauder, Nenthorn and Galashiels, all Scotland (to date). Naming pattern of this James' children would indicate a Robert and Isobel as parents, and there is a baptism of a James at Smailholm in 1792 to a Robert and Isobel (Crosbie) that would fit, but there is a bit of confusion as to whether Isobel was really an Elizabeth Crosbie. If the latter, James' brother Andrew married a Margaret Hunter.
The (only) James who died at Kelso in 1863 was the son of John and Jessie (Johnston), which line is represented in the project by F-17.
BirthJames Fairbairn ! was born 1796 Kelso, Roxburghshire, Scotland
MarriageHe married Janet Hunter ! 1820. 
DeathJames Fairbairn ! died 1863. 
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