John McAdie **

(say 1710 - aft. 1753)
Recruit(Wanted)The project would like to recruit a representative of this line.
The baptism of their eldest son James reads: July 7 1734 John McCadie in Lynegar and Elspet Sutherland his spouse had a child baptised called James Wit: William Manson & William Henderson both there.
BirthJohn McAdie ** was born say 1710 Watten, Caithness, Scotland
MarriageHe married Elspeth Sutherland alias Donaldson 24 Feb 1732 Watten, Caithness, entry reads: January 5th matrimonially contracted John McCadie in Lynegar and Elspet Sutherland alias Donaldson in Houstry Dun and by these and themselves to consummate marriage within 4 days accomplished February 24th 1732. 
DeathJohn McAdie ** died aft. 1753 Lynegar, Par. of Watten, Caithness, Scotland
Researched(Progenitor)John's line was researched by Ralph McAdie. He painted the wonderful tree (literally) with all its branches and leaves of the family that appears to have been used as the basis of the more conventionally drawn family tree held at the Dunbeath Heritage Centre (in his will his manuscripts and history and genealogical charts of the Macadies or Machardies were left to a namesake nephew Ralph in Cardiff.) 
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Elspeth Sutherland alias Donaldson (say 1710 - )
  • James McAdie (Jul 1734 - )
  • Donald MacAdie (Jan 1737 - )
  • George McAdie (cir. 1741 - Mar 1801)
  • John McAdie (cir. 1747 - )
  • David McAdie (bef. 1753 - bef. 1861)