The kits/people shown in this "project" only represent those Caithness lines of particular interest to the webmistress.
There is also an official Caithness-Sutherland DNA project which would welcome participants with direct connections to either county.

Those listed here have Caithness ancestry AND are lineages I have a particular interest in.
As such, some may appear in their appropriate surname project pages as well.

The result grids presented are those for Y-DNA, ie direct male lines.
These days we are also making fascinating discoveries on connections between assorted families by using autosomal DNA.
See Wanted Page for further details.

Who you can find here

  • Caithness people on this site Links to all Caithness dna participants (X-n), patriarchs (**), lineages, and any other Caithness people included here

What you can find here

What you can find elsewhere

(hatch/match/dispatch places for some, but not necessarily all, nor only, the patriarchs of the Caithness families shown here)