The RICHARDSON DNA results shown here explore just a small proportion of the overall RICHARDSON DNA project, ie those from the Scottish Borders with matches, or potential matches, to the families of interest to me, namely:
  • William of Pringlestead, Eckford (Ralph's and Lorna's ancestor)
  • Adam Brown RICHARDSON, born Quebec to James & Christian (OUTERSON) RICHARDSON, originally of Morebattle, (John (RC-2)'s ancestor)
  • James & Margaret (MABON) RICHARDSON, James a tailor of Morebattle another dna match to the above. Ancestor of RC-3 and Dave (RC-5)
All have yDNA matches to each other.

On the Wanted! list are the other RICHARDSON families with Morebattle connections which can be found on my RICHARDSONs of Morebattle page, and in my research diary entries related to them.

Any other Scottish Borders RICHARDSONs interested in exploring their genetic matches should check out the RICHARDSON DNA project for further overall information.
If they turn up a match to any of this Sub Group R1b05, we would be very pleased to hear from them, and to include them on these pages.

who you can find here

  • RICHARDSONs on this site Links to all Richardson dna participants (R-n), patriarchs (**), lineages, and any other Richardsons included here

what you can find here

(X-n) indicates a dna participant; * an earliest proven ancestor; ?? a person included to show notes re an undocumented link; ** a lineage patriarch.
Also note that charts are designed more for showing lineages for dna participants, and in more detail, lines where participants are required to confirm a lineage, or solve a "puzzle". As such they should not be considered to be complete charts. Please refer all questions to the appropriate line researcher.