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Relationship: William (H-1) and Russell (H-2) HENDERSON
Archibald Henderson and Margaret McEwan, "brick wall" of Henderson lineage 1 research
William Henderson
b. Oct 1845, d. Jul 1931
William M. Henderson
b. Dec 1880, d. Jan 1951
William E. Henderson
b. Oct 1907, d. Dec 1968
James Henderson
b. 1877, d. Sep 1942
Arthur J. Henderson
b. 1909, d. May 2002

Jean OSWALL mtDNA matriarch

mtDNA tested line - Haplogroup W5a2
Jean Oswall (W5a2) (say 1680 - )
Margaret Stevenson (cir. Oct 1703 - )
Margaret Fisher (Apr 1753 - )
Margaret McEwan (cir. Dec 1782 - aft. Mar 1828)
Margaret Henderson (W5a2) (Sep 1808 - Nov 1886)

Margaret CHRYSTAL mtDNA matriarch

mtDNA tested line - Haplogroup T2
Amelia Millar (T2) (Feb 1817 - Apr 1894)
Margaret Henderson (Jan 1839 - Aug 1923)
Marion Smith (Sep 1864 - Mar 1939)
Margaret Youngson (Oct 1885 - Nov 1947)
Alice Excell (1918 - 2011)
W Callow (HF-2)


In addition to the Y-DNA results from Russell and William, and the mtDNA results from the direct female lines down from Margaret McEWAN, and Amelia MILLAR, we have 5 FamilyFinder tests from descendants of Archibald and Margaret (McEWAN) HENDERSON, one from daughter Margaret, and four from son James (two each from daughter Margaret and son William).
To date (Oct 2013) this has proven that a Tasmanian line of DUNCANSONs, suspected to be a branch of the McEWAN/FISHER line, is indeed genetically related, but as yet, no real hints as to where Archibald came from.
Even the Y-DNA results have ended up with no close matches, and down a branch of the Y-DNA R1 haplogroup tree where we've run out of known branches to bring us closer to genealogical timeframes to give us any further hints.
Participants from other sons of Archibald and Margaret: William, John, Archibald, are still being sought.
Only Archibald looks likely to have any direct male line HENDERSONs left for Y-DNA comparisons but all appear to have living descendants able to help by partaking in a FamilyFinder test to confirm our papertrails and to see what matches may ensue.
(X-n) indicates a dna participant; * an earliest proven ancestor; ?? a person included to show notes re an undocumented link; ** a lineage patriarch.
Also note that charts are designed more for showing lineages for dna participants, and in more detail, lines where participants are required to confirm a lineage, or solve a "puzzle". As such they should not be considered to be complete charts. Please refer all questions to the appropriate line researcher.