Your M(a)cADIE Project Needs YOU

The lines listed are those where either there is as yet no representative, or one that needs clarification or verification.
Eligible males who can document their descent from those listed here would be particularly welcome to join the project, (as would any others for that matter).
If able and willing to help, check out the at project FAQs etc, and when ready, and comfortable that this is a harmless process, we would love for you to join us.

The project may be able to subsidise up to 37 markers for particular lines, although please note that the preferred test is 67 markers - and that donations from anyone wishing to help finance the fun can be made via a secure Contribution link on the FamilyTree DNA McAdie project pages.

  • WANTED! Index People from the wanted lines with some data included on this site

As well as the Patriarchs page of the Summary McADIE DNA project, several McADIE lines are documented on Lorna's McADIE pages
All need either their first representative, or another representative from a distant cousin to confirm their dna signature.