Alexander Fairbairn

(Dec 1788 - bet. 1851 - 1855)
FatherJames Fairbairn ** (say 1760 - )
MotherAgnes Lindsay (say 1760 - )
Recruit(AnotherWanted)The project would like to recruit another representative of this line.
We now have a representative (RF(Bob)F-34) for the line of the John married to Margaret DEANS, likely to be the son John with Alexander's family in 1851. Naming pattern and place "fit", but proof is lacking. So, a descendant of one of the proven sons would be excellent to aid the proof.
WebIntroGiven the 1851 census shows Alexander as aged 62 and born Ednam he is assumed to be the 1788 baptism to James & Agnes (LINDSAY) FAIRBAIRN.
To fit the naming pattern of Alexander & Isabella's children (not that this was religiously followed), the gap between their marriage and the first recorded child Alexander, four years after marriage would have to contain a James who died prior to 1815 (or the age of the son James with them in 1851 would have to be several years older), and an Agnes likewise.
Either that, or we're looking for an Alexander and Isabella, and no candidates immediately present themselves, at least not within the OPRs.
Alexander and family moved around the Borders: married Coldstream, children baptised in Earlston, Maxton Eccles, Morebattle, and Oxnam (at least).
BirthAlexander Fairbairn was born 7 Dec 1788 Ednam, Roxburghshire, Scotland
MarriageHe married Isabella Atcheson 25 Nov 1808 Coldstream, Berwickshire, Scotland
DeathAlexander Fairbairn died bet. 1851 - 1855 ?Kersknowe, Par. of Eckford, Roxburghshire, Scotland
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Researcher(Progenitor)Alexander's line is being researched by Robert F Fairbairn (F-34)
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Isabella Atcheson (cir. 1791 - Jan 1871)
  • Alexander Fairbairn (cir. 1812 - Oct 1890)
  • Thomas Fairbairn (Oct 1814 - Jan 1883)
  • John Fairbairn+ (Oct 1824 - May 1907)