Lester R F Sinton (S-6)

FatherAndrew James Gibb Sinton (Jul 1908 - bef. 1996)
MotherCatherine Wilkinson (1909 - bef. 1996)
Link2HaploGrpInfo(Group)Click here to see those sharing Lester R F's haplogroup Although only predited M269, one in the closely matched group has tested as R-P312, which is assumed to apply to all in the set. 
Lineage(ConfirmedPaperTrail)The research paper trail for Lester R F, confirmed by dna testing, shows him to be part of Sinton Lineage 1a. (See here for chart.) 
ChartsLineage 1 Theoretical DNA "Signature" Southdean & Irish SINTONs
Lineage 1a - William & Isabella (SCOTT) SINTON & family
Last Edited23 Jul 2016