Roy Sinton (S-4)

FatherWalter James Sinton (May 1911 - Dec 1980)
MotherMargaret Veda McMurray (1912 - Oct 1978)
Lineage(PaperTrail)The research paper trail for Roy shows him to be part of Sinton Lineage 1a, (and the dna results show that the Jedburgh Sintons match the Southdean Sintons after all!) (see here for chart). 
Link2HaploGrpInfo(Group)Click here to see those sharing Roy's haplogroup Although only predited M269, one in the closely matched group has tested as R-P312, which is assumed to apply to all in the set. 
ChartsLineage 1 Theoretical DNA "Signature" Southdean & Irish SINTONs
Lineage 1a - William & Isabella (SCOTT) SINTON & family
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