RT Wight (W-03)

FatherRobert James Wight (Aug 1914 - Jul 2002)
MotherChloris Melba Joyce Gehan (Jun 1916 - Aug 1989)
Link2HaploGrpInfo(Group)Click here to see those sharing RT's haplogroup I-Y4751 confirmed. 
Lineage(PaperTrail)The research paper trail for RT shows him to be part of Wight Lineage 3 (see here for chart). 
ResearcherRT is researching the line of Andrew Wight (Wright) (Weight) **.
Email: RT(W-3) (email current as at Mar 2010.) 
ChartsRelationship R T WIGHT (W-3) to Andrew WIGHT/WEIGHT/WRIGHT
Last Edited4 May 2018