Benjamin Sinton **

(1640 - )
Assumed fatherMale Sinton ?? (say 1605 - ); Benjamin's father exists purely to connect up the matching SINTON lineages on the theoretical DNA signature chart
WebIntroA descendant of Benjamin has proved to be a dna match to the descendants of the Southdean Sintons.
As son Joseph James was born in Co. Armagh, Ireland in 1670, where the Scottish Southdean Sinton lineage and Benjamin's match is anyone's guess.
BirthBenjamin Sinton ** was born 1640 ?Scotland
Link2HaploGrpInfo(Group)Click here to see those sharing Benjamin's haplogroup. 
Note(Parent Assumed)Male Sinton ?? is the assumed parent of Benjamin Sinton **
This chap exists purely to provide a theoretical linkage between the Irish and the Scottish, dna matching, Sinton trees.
The generations down to the Southdean Sintons have been added at 30 years per generation, the number of generations being determined by the TMRCA between and being calculated as 12 at 73% probability (except I only added 11 given the faster mutating markers). 
Researcher(Progenitor)Benjamin's line is being researched by Bob Sinton (S-5)
ChartsLineage 1 Theoretical DNA "Signature" Southdean & Irish SINTONs
Lineage 1b - The Irish SINTONs
Last Edited24 Jun 2013