F-5 (F-5)

FatherDonald Robert Fairbairn (1920 - 1997)
Lineage(Testee)F-5 was found to be part of Fairbairn Lineage 3, click here for chart. 
Link2HaploGrpInfo(Group)Click here to see those sharing F-5's haplogroup J2 (confirmed - M172.) 
Researcher(Fairbairn One Name Study)F-5 is researching the line of Robert Fairbairn **. See the Fairbairn One Name Study for contact details. 
DNAClick here to see the dna results for F-5 and the other FAIRBAIRNs on these Supplementary DNA pages - may have to page down to appropriate haplogroup. 
Last Edited14 Oct 2014