George Elliott Sr

(1725 - cir. 1803)
FatherRobert Elliott (say 1700 - )
WebIntroFrom the hand written notes of Rev. James Couch Elliott:

"My father was born in VA or GA - not certain which - his name was Henry Hodge Elliott and his father was William Preston Elliott and his father was George Elliott, and his father was Robert Elliott. My Grandfather, Wm. P. Elliott was the youngest of seven brothers - they had one sister named Betty (Elizabeth) who married a man named Wallace - Only three of my Grandfather's brothers names are now remembered - These were George, Alexander, and Robin (Robert)."
WebIntroGeorge's line of ELLIOTTs begins somewhere in either Scotland or Ireland (?Antrim), in either 1725 or 1731, and continues from 1745 when he is reported to have arrived nr Baltimore. His occupation also varies between sources as either a weaver, or part of a family of blacksmiths.
All are agreed that he was initially in Cumberland Co, Pennsylvania, and moved to Elbert (later Madison) Co, Georgia by the late 1700s.
Joyce reports that he has been erroneously recorded as Richard in several filed documents: DAR Georgia Family Bible, Wills & Revolutionary Soldiers collection at the Georgia Archives (Series III, Vol. 8, p120, 1947), and in Our Kin by W. H. Manning, Jr. and Edna Anderson Manning (p.1320, 1321).
Family stories, documented by a great great grandson of George (Ashbury Saye, b. 1828) in 1898 say that the family moved from the Carlyle area of Cumberland Co in the 1780s making the first ever settlement at the south fork of the Broad River in what is now Madison Co.
The same document records the story that the Elliotts were blacksmiths and were detailed by General Washington to assist in making the huge chain that was stretched across the Delaware River, to prevent the British Fleet from reaching Philadelphia.
Also that the Elliotts made nails to nail on the first roof on the first Presbyterian church ever organized in Georgia - Newhope Church organized in 1788 by the Rev John Newton, the first Presbyterian minister that ever settled in north Georgia.

Given the excellent dna matches between descendants of George and the Lineage 1 FAIRBAIRNs, it is a fair bet that his line originated in the Scottish Borders.
Whether or not this makes these FAIRBAIRNs ELLIOTTs or vice versa is open to debate!
Birth(Details)George Elliott Sr was born 1725 Scotland or possibly 1731 - from family bible written at least after 1797, I've picked 1725 on the assumption that the 1745 arrival date might be accurate and unless he arrived with his parents, whch surely the bible might have mentioned, he was probably older than 14 on arrival. Place varies from Scotland to Ireland (possibly Antrim.) 
MarriageHe married Mary Henry 1 Jul 1757 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware, USA
Death(Detailed)George Elliott Sr died cir. 1803 Elbert, Georgia, USA, (some have 1804, Joyce advises must have been prior to 1803 as not registered for the 1803 lottery, widow and children signed a Feb 1804 deed re their interest in his property in Jul 1804.) 
WebLink(Sources) Some of the sources
WebLink(Family) Further information on George and family (see also some alternate data from Joyce.) 
Researcher(Progenitor)George's line is being researched by Joyce Perkerson Poole
ChartsTheoretical DNA Signature chart for ELLIOTT/IRWIN/FARRIS/FAIRBAIRN sub group
ELLIOTTs of Pennsylvania & Georgia
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Mary Henry (Jun 1732 - Jan 1816)
  • Robert Elliott (1759 - 1830)
  • Margaret Elliott (cir. 1764 - Jan 1783)
  • George Elliott Jr (1770 - Feb 1824)
  • William Preston Elliott (say 1771 - Jun 1840)