Isaac Dawe

Parent HaplogroupR-BY45070 / R-BY45079
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WebIntroIsaac's yDNA signature has now (Aug 2017) been confirmed with matching yDNA67 (GD2) results from two descendants, one from son Isaac, another from son Thomas
Along with atDNA matches from several branches of descendants, although we don't really know if the inherited atDNA is from Isaac or wife Sarah.

BigY testing, Dec 2017, moved Isaac down the tree from the high level R-M269, via R-P312 and R-DF27 to R-BY21141, where he had no matches, but 29 unnamed variants awaiting a match for a new branch to be formed.
Which branch was formed with the BigY results of a 4th cousin.
Placement is now at R-BY45070, formed about 1725 (average 225 ybp.)
WebLink(WikiTree)Click here to see Isaac's page on WikiTree, a collaborative on-line tree with great DNA links and associated charts. 
BirthHe was born circa 1770 Tavistock, Devon, England
DeathHe died Dec 1840 Plymouth, Devon, England
ChartsHaplogroup R
Last Edited25 Jul 2018

Sub haplogroups/tested lineages/testees

  • J Daw