Project to group all those whose FamilyFinder autosomal DNA tests Lorna monitors, and for those who match them who wish to explore further.


A connection to existing kits, and /or the family trees of the researchers involved, must be demonstrated for a join request to be approved.

Just some of the ancestral surnames and areas:
  • All areas: Fairbairn, Runciman, Sinton
  • Caithness (SCT): Bain, Cottar, Finlayson, Georgeson, Gray, Manson, McAdie, McDonald, Miller, Sutherland, Taylor
  • Cumberland (ENG): Baty, Graham, Scott, Turnbull
  • Devon (ENG): Algar, Barter, Combellack, Cross, Dawe, King, Matters/Metters, Peek/Pike, Rowe, Smith
  • Essex (ENG): Parker, Parkerson
  • London (ENG): Austin, Clinton
  • Perthshire/Stirlingshire (SCT): Chrystal, Duncanson, Ferguson, Fisher, Henderson, McEwan, Miller
  • Scottish Borders: Crosser, Davidson, Fairbairn, Familton, Flint, Richardson, Robinson/Robson, Runciman, Sinton, Turnbull, Wight
  • Somerset (ENG): Andrews, Cuff, Hembry, Ralph, Wines

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