I-DF29 (I1a)

Parent HaplogroupI-M253 (I1)
WebIntroDYS455=8 is diagnostic of I1a. DYS390=22 combined with DYS385= 13,14 is diagnostic of I1a-AS.

Apprently the Runcimans look pretty much like a standard I1a-AS (the most common variety of I1a found in Germany, the BeNeLux countries and the British Isles).

The Runciman haplotypes (J6EWQ and SWR9U). is off modal at 385b (13 instead of 14), 458 (16 instead of 15), 464d (15 instead of 16) and 607 (15 instead of 14.)
ChartsHaplogroup I
Last Edited29 Jan 2018

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