R-S7361 /R-BY11755

WebIntroYFull currently (Nov 2016) estimates this branch of the R1b tree was formed 1700 ybp, with a TMRCA 1500 (was 1050) ybp.
FTDNA (Sep 2016) show R-BY11755 and R-S7361 together on their R1b tree.
See below for just some of the changes noticed over time.
WebLink(YFull) R-S7361 position on overall R1b tree at YFull.com.
WebLink TheBigTree position on overall R1b tree at Alex Williamson's R1b tree.
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WebLink FTDNA L1335 project results change selection to Y-DNA67 and 3000, search for S7361.
WebHighlightFeb 2017 update:
We now have 5 R-S7361 kits processed on BigY, 3 of them analysed at YFull, and on Alex Williamson's BigTree.

Nov 2016 update:
On FTDNA, the L1065 SNP pack looks to contain both R-S7361 itself, and at least one SNP under R-S7361: R-S7362.
The Haplotree on FTDNA now shows three sub branches: the CTS5356 branch below (Sep), R-Z8432 which now has Cooper moved to it, and R-S7362.

However, to develop this branch of the tree further requires BigY or equivalent NGS testing, and it is highly recommended that the files produced be analyzed at YFull.com so all may benefit by the increased knowledge that results.

Sep 2016 update:
R-S7361 has had a bit of a revamp.
It now has a new branch (CTS5356), to which one of Bill Henderson's BigY matches, and the anonymous Human Genomes project kit have been moved on YFull, leaving Bill at a newly created R-S7361*, ie generic, no known sub branch - yet.

At May 2016 among all the Y-DNA SNP results currently available in the public domain only three persons have S7361 as a terminal SNP, a Henderson, a McWhannell, and either one, or two, anonymous individuals.

The earliest proven ancestors of two of these individuals are shown as "children" of S7361 linked below.

One of the anonymous ones is result 1461 (as listed in the Clan Gregor DNA Project Blog of January 2016 - scroll down to Fig. 3.)
All three are members of the Clan Gregor project (MacGregor Surname in FamilyTreeDNA's surname projects)
The other is an anonymous member of the Human Genomes project and appears under S7361 in both the YFull and the BigTree trees.
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