R-BY61543 / R-BY103089

Parent HaplogroupR-BY113535 /R-Y151171
Birth(Haplo)The TMRCA for tree branch of R-BY61543 / R-BY103089 is estimated at circa 1750 in the yFull tree v9.05.00 Dec 2021, ie abt 200 ybp range 475-100 ybp, branch forming abt 800 ybp (range 1300-400 ybp)
History: Sep 2020 v8.08.00
abt 1575, ie abt 375 ybp (years before present, present = 1950) range 850 to 150 ybp
Where the branch formed abt 4500 ybp with a range currently estimated at 5300-4700 ybp. 
WebLink(BigTree) R-BY61543 on the Big Tree. 
WebLink(YFull) YFull placement and time estimates for R-BY103089 as at v9.05.00 Dec 2021. 
ChartsHaplogroup R
Last Edited12 Dec 2021

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