Archibald Henderson

Parent HaplogroupR-Y19730
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WebIntroArchibald is a brickwall ancestor for this branch of the HENDERSONs (although he may be the 1779 Archibald born Kilmadock, to William HENDERSON and Marion ROBERTSON?).
Apr 2023:
yDNA testing threw a curve ball at the structure of his family.
This blogpost refers.

We would still love to hear from any DNA matches, or anyone with information on Archibald's ancestry for the family remaining connected to Archibald.
Aug 2017:
Extensive Y-DNA testing has to date resulted in no close Y-DNA STR matches, although we have now formed our own little branch on the R1b_ hapologroup tree underneath R-S7361
Keep an eye on YFull R-S7361, particularly kits YF04585 and YF07850.
BirthHe was born say 1780 ?Stirlingshire, Scotland
MarriageHe married 1804 Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland, to Margaret McEwan. 
DeathHe died 1826 Bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire, Scotland
ChartsHaplogroup R
Last Edited15 Oct 2023

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