William A Henderson (H-1)

PatriarchArchibald Henderson
Results(FTExtract)William A Henderson (H-1) undertook a Y-DNA67 test with FamilyTreeDNA. The overall surname project results can be seen here and the relevant extract here
Link2LineageInfoAlso see entry in lineages section for more info on William A. 
WebLink(YFull) YFull R-S7361* is Bill's current position on the R1b haplotree of mankind (YF04585), along with any matches and refinements that may eventuate over time to provide hints as to our Henderson forebears.
* SNP tested positive in BigY: R-BY11755
The update to YTree (4.08 - Sep 2016) has a new SNP under R-S7361, so Bill (YF04585) changed from R-S7361 to R-S7361*

Also keep an eye on Y tree Scots Cluster
ChartsHaplogroup R
Last Edited24 Sep 2016