William A Henderson (H-1)

PatriarchJames Henderson
Link2LineageInfoAlso see entry in lineages section for more info on William A. 
WebLink(YFull) YFull R-S7361* is Bill's current position on the R1b haplotree of mankind (YF04585), along with any matches and refinements that may eventuate over time to provide hints as to our Henderson forebears.
* SNP tested positive in BigY: R-BY11755
The update to YTree (4.08 - Sep 2016) has a new SNP under R-S7361, so Bill (YF04585) changed from R-S7361 to R-S7361*

Also keep an eye on Y tree Scots Cluster
Results(yProject)William A undertook a BigY700 test. Public ySTR results can be seen in the Henderson project results and his tree branch here on the FTDNA yHaploTree. 
ChartsHaplogroup R
Last Edited15 Oct 2023