Peter Runciman (R-12)

PatriarchAlexander Runciman
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WebHighlightWith thanks to those RUNCIMAN project members whose ancestors are shown here.
Our journey down the SNP tree began with Kevin (R-8), testing positive for SNP Z60 (I1a2a1 on the current I haplogroup tree at ISOGG, Apr 2013), and by association, his Y-STR matches likewise;
BigY results in (Nov 2015) had not, as yet, advanced us down the tree towards the present as the Z60 branch was/is still being refined.
Further analysis via YFull was undertaken, leaving him still at I-Z60*.
Follow progress on YFull where Kevin is YF04687

Feb 2016 saw another set of BigY results in, this time for David (R-19), Lineage 1d (GD4 at 67 markers). Exact SNP match, sharing 245 novel variants.
YFull analysis was also undertaken, and still at I-Z60.

Jul 2016, with a third BigY result, this time for Jim (R-10), Lineage 1c, another exact BigY match to the above two, not yet completed YFull processing, BUT we have finally broken the drought of no progress towards the present day to explore when the four matching haplogroup I1 lineages diverged.
A YFull tree revision, version 4.06, now shows a new subclade (I-Y22033) under I-Z60, time to MRCA estimated at 750 ybp.
Belonging to the subclade are all four kits at YFull, including the newest, that of David (R-1) representing Lineage 1a, even though these last two have not yet completed processing.
The time estimate being revised to 550 ybp once the fourth kit was analysed.

Jan 2017:
Two more BigY results in and showing I-Z60 still at FTDNA.

Feb 2017
FTDNA reviewed the results and their tree, which now shows the branches as per the linked Haplogroup tree on this site.
Lineages 1b ("William of Crail") and 1c (Thomas of Dunbar) are now shown as the I-A9096 / I-Y22033 equivalent to YFull
But lineage 1a (Wanton Walls) is now sub branch I-A11399
and linage 1d (Alexander of Meikle Pinkerton) is sub branch I-A11400.
We're waiting for YFull to catch up (ie finish processing the last two kits they have and revise their tree) for time estimates and YFull's interpretation of the data for I-Y22033 and below. 
Results(yProject)Peter undertook a BigY500 test. Public ySTR results can be seen in the runciman project results and his tree branch here on the FTDNA yHaploTree. 
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