James Fairbairn **

(cir. 1750 - cir. Jun 1829)
Assumed fatherJames ? Fairbairn ?? (say 1715 - ); assumption from naming pattern
Recruit(AnotherWanted)The project would like to recruit another representative of this line.
James, Thomas and John are (probably related) Fairbairn Nurserymen of Clapham, Oxford and ?.
James is believed to have come from Scotland, and it is assumed the others also did.
DNA results received May 2010 show that it is likely James came from the Borders.
It is hoped that a representative, or two, from these lines might help pinpoint where in Scotland (although it is believed that Thomas' line has "daughtered out".
BirthJames Fairbairn ** was born cir. 1750 Scotland
MarriageHe married Elizabeth Ashenden 16 Jan 1780 St George the Martyr, Southwark, Surrey, England
DeathJames Fairbairn ** died cir. Jun 1829 Clapham, Surrey, England
BurialHe was buried 3 Jun 1829 Holy Trinity, Clapham, Surrey, England
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Note(Parent Assumed)James ? Fairbairn ?? is the assumed parent of James Fairbairn **
We have a very close dna match between NJ(F-30), Doug (F-6) and LE (F-31). Both the families of George and Janet (Murray) and James and Elizabeth (Ashenden) indicate that their father would be a James, so for now, that's where I've connected them.
James and Elizabeth's 2nd known daughter was an Elizabeth, but the dna evidence is not showing as close a relationship between this group and John (F-17) whose ancestor is believed to be the James married to Elizabeth Purves, so another James and Elizabeth has to be found for this theory to hold (and George and Janet's 2nd daughter was a Janet, so this could be a complete red herring.) 
Researcher(Progenitor)James's line is being researched by Sue Collier. She wants to know where in Scotland James is most likely to have come from. 
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Elizabeth Ashenden (say 1750 - aft. 1826)
  • James Fairbairn (cir. 1783 - aft. 1851)
  • Robert Fairbairn (cir. 1785 - Apr 1843)
  • George Fairbairn (1794 - aft. 1841)
  • John Fairbairn (say 1800 - aft. 1826)
  • Joseph Fairbairn (1802 - aft. 1851)