I-Z60+ (I1a2a1)

Parent HaplogroupI-Z59+ (I1a2a)
Birth(Haplo)The TMRCA for tree branch of I-Z60+ (I1a2a1) is estimated at 4300 ybp The Y-DNA I1 Haplogroup project files of Ken Nordtvedt gave an estimate that Z60+ branches off about 3-4500 years ago.
Subsequently YFull's estimated formation of the branch was 4,700 years before present (ybp, where "present' is 1950).
Now, Jun 2018and v6.02 of the yFull tree the estimate is 4300 ybp, from a range of 4900-3800 ybp. 
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Last Edited9 Jun 2018

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