Z140, Z141 (I1a2a1a)

Parent HaplogroupI-Z60+ (I1a2a1)
BirthZ140, Z141 (I1a2a1a) was born 4300 ybp.
WebHighlightThe FAIRBAIRN project members shown here are the end of line ancestors of John (F-17), who has tested positive for SNP Z141, plus those for his close Y-STR matches who have tested to 111 markers.

Jan 2017 BigY testing on the Lineage 1e line has begun to identify subgroups further with Michael (F-16) testing positive for Y7277, so for the moment all of the Lineage 1e kits only are assumed to belong to this subgroup and have been moved down to the new subgroup.
The reality is probably that the rest of the YSTR matching Fairbairns do all shift down to the same group.
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Haplogroup I
Last Edited5 Jan 2017

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