Parent HaplogroupZ140, Z141 (I1a2a1a)
Birth(Haplo)The TMRCA for tree branch of I-Y7277 is estimated at 3100 ybp ie the Time to the Most Recent Common Ancestor (TMRCA) for this sub branch in the v5.08 build of the tree, from a range of 3900-2300 ybp.
The "present" of years before present is 1950
Back in Jan 2017 the "average" was 3300 ybp. 
WebIntroJul 2017 saw the creation of an official new subbranch under I-Y7277 for the Lineage 1e Fairbairn kits tested BigY.
See I-Y32666 (YFull) I-BY21365 (FTDNA)

It would be good to see whether the rest of the matching I1 FAIRBAIRN and ELLIOT branches are together, or not, at this stage of the tree and hopefully get some resolution as to how the matching ELLIOTTs fit.

Watch out for sales and be in for BigY testing.

Historical notes:
Dec 2017 update: Results received for two more Fairbairn project kits, one from one of the Elliot kits who are yDNA67 & yDNA111 matches to the Fairbairns, and another different I1 lineage than the 4 currently represented by BigY testing.

Jul 2107 update: Creation of the new sub branch of I-Y7277 for the LIneage 1e kits ( I-Y32666 (YFull) I-BY21365 (FTDNA)

Apr 2017 update: All four BigY tests from Lineage 1e are confirmed as I-Y7277, as is a member of the broader Lineage 1 haplogroup I1 overall (tested the Z140 SNP pack).

As at Jan 2017 at least one line of FAIRBAIRNs had jumped from the Z140 branch, formed about 4300 ybp/MRCA 4000 ybp to this Y7277 sub branch, formed about 3300 ybp/MRCA 2200 ybp.
Name Variation I-Y7277 was also known as I-FGC22406. 
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Last Edited11 Oct 2021

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