I-Y32666 (I-BY21365)

Parent HaplogroupI-Y7277
WebIntroAs at Oct 2021 the FTDNA public yHaplotree shows the previous "equivalent" I-BY21365 and I-BY21376 now as "father" and "son" branches.
yFull still has then as equivalent SNPs to I-Y32666 the kit(s) that split the FTDNA tree are presumed not to have uploaded to yFull
I have assumed I-Y32666 would be the equivalent of the "father" I-BY21365.

Birth(Haplo)The TMRCA for tree branch of I-Y32666 (I-BY21365) is estimated at circa 1450 ybp=Years before present, where present = 1950
Oct 2021 (v9.04.00): formed 2600 ybp (average of range 3400 to 1850); TMRCA 500 ybp (average of range 700-325)
Nov 2018 (v6.07.17): formed 3000 ybp average TMRCA 600, range 800-300 ybp
Aug 2018 (v6.04.16): formed 2900 ybp, average TMRCA 550 ybp
May 2017:
according to yFull tree version 5.04, 225 ybp, but with a range of 450 - 100 ybp.
Given the 3 lines now included under this branch, I've picked the 450 ybp date for now.

Cross correlating to the current FTDNA Block tree SNP generations, I-Y32666 is assumed to be the "father" SNP I-BY21365 of "son" I-BY21376.
FTDNA places I-BY21365 at 35 SNP generations, and "son" I-BY21376 at 15.
At a rough estimate of 100 years per SNP generation that's 3500 and 1500 years ago.
At 75 years per SNP generaton: 2250 and 1125 years ago.
(See DNA Explained yDNA step by step BigY analysis for more explanations - which I hope I've interpreted correctly! 
WebLink(YFull) I-BY21365 aka I-Y32666 on the yFull tree (has time estimates)
WebLink(FTDNAyTree) I-BY21365 on the FamilyTreeDNA published yDNA tree
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