Parent HaplogroupT2
Birth(Haplo)The TMRCA for tree branch of T2b4a is estimated at 4100 ybp from the yFull MTree where ybp = years before present, present being set at 1950
TMRCA = Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor
Feb 2021 v1.02.7954: now shows as formed 4100, with Time to Most Recent Ancestor (TMRCA) now averaged at 1650, ranging from 2400-1400 ybp
2019: range from 4600-3300 years before present (ybp years before present where present = 1950), average 3900. 
WebLink(YFull) T2b4a on yFull's mtTree
WebLink T2b4a on FTDNA mtDNA Haplotree
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Last Edited11 Feb 2021

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