Parent HaplogroupT2b4a
WebLink T2b4a3 on yFull's MTree
Birth(Haplo)The TMRCA for tree branch of T2b4a3 is estimated at circa 475 from the yFull MTree where ybp = years before present, present being set at 1950
TMRCA = Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor
Feb 2021 (v. 1.02.7954) TMRCA 475, range 1550-50, formed 1650 ybp,
Oct 2020 ( v. 1.02.3250) TMRCA 450 ybp, being the average of 50-1500 ybp, formed 1500 ybp. 
WebHighlightAccording to the yFull MTree there are now (Oct 2020) two of us sharing this new sub branch of the mtDNA haplotree.
Clicking on the "contact" link took me to the information that the other sharing the branch was found in GenBank (JQ704911.1) so I guess I'll never know who that match is, unless it's actually me!
Certainly on FTDNA I have no GD0 matches - yet, I live in hope, and continue trying to find likely candidates.

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