Francis Fairbairn

(say 1680 - )
FatherDYS570=18 Fairbairn (say 1660 - )
WebIntro(Matches)Descendant F-35 of the Kelso line of James & Margaret (LEARMONTH), and & (Eckford:F-27) of the engineer Robert (married Elizabeth YOUNG) are showing as an excellent match (66/67) in lineage 1 (Haplogroup I1).
For now they remain in the overall lineage 1a as the markers they share are faster mutating markers: 570 = 18 and cdyb=37.
The more recent addition to the matches is that for Geoffrey (F-39) who is a 67/67 match to Eckford:F-27.

F-35's line can plausibly be traced back to early Kelso as far as Francis and Agnes (DICKIESON) FAIRBAIRN, married there in 1704.
F-39's to Robert & Elizabeth (CROSBIE) FAIRBAIRN.
F-27's is more problematic.
The earliest ancestor for F-27 is a civil engineer Robert, born Eckford, with no matching baptism handy, it is rather hard to slot him into his rightful place on the tree. His age in the only confirmed census sighting (1851 Bothwell, LKS) is unclear and could be 42,52 or 62. Given the age of his family, 42 seems the most likely, which would make him born about 1809 - not that that helps find either his birth, or death.
He cannot be the Robert born to Robert and Elizabeth (CROSBIE) as he is fully accounted for.
It is tempting to say that he's the Robert son of Alexander and Isabella (ATCHISON) who married 1808 Coldstream, given that Robert also appears to have a son John born Coldstream, but that should make F-27 most closely match Robert(F-34) instead.
Robert(F-34) is in lineage 1, but one of those only GD1 from the modal for all of Lineage 1, rather than in this potential subgrouping (on faster markers only 570=18 & cdyb=37).
BirthFrancis Fairbairn was born say 1680 ?Kelso, Roxburghshire, Scotland
MarriageHe married Agnes Dickieson Dec 1704 Kelso, Roxburghshire, Scotland, botp. 
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Agnes Dickieson (say 1680 - )